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James and Sons Automotive LLC

120 Massabesic Street

Manchester, NH 03103


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On 9/15/2011, my husband and mother-in-law purchased a used car from Mr.Herbert.

Mr. Herbert signed the "Certificate of Title" over to my mother-in-law. Two days later, Mr. Herbert called my husband saying he went online to see what the value was on the car he sold them an demanded another $500.00.

On 9/23/2011, Mr. Hebert and some of his friends showed up at our home. They were trying to reposse the car.

We found out that Mr.Hebert had another key and entered the car taking everything out of it.

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If you were the owner of the car as proven by the Certificate of Title Mr.Hebert entered your car illegally and should have been arrested and charge with theft.

If you didn't call your local police department the you simply let him get away with it.

If he charged you less than the car was worth that's your gain.

Once the money changed hands, the Title was transferred to you and there was no outstanding contract that stated that you owed any more money on the car then the car was wholly ajemtewyours.Hope you prosecuted Mr.Hebert.


The so called “neighborhood watch” is none other than the Brady’s up to their same old lies and libel. I’m sure if the admin investigates they’ll find another matching ip address.

The truth is, James was offered a considerable sum to work as a technician for another shop, without having all the hassles of an owner. In a down economy this was a great decision for James and his family. The owner of the building has listed the building and it’s contents for sale. Feel free to contact the realtor, who is obligated by law to disclose if any illegal activity occurred there. You will quickly discover the truth.

Now, let’s talk about the quality of person making this claim. Melany Brady. This is a woman who purposely overdosed her child on Tylenol and lost custody of that child to her mother. The abuse of the child caused permanent brain damage and she has no part of that child’s life now, even 11 years later! This is a woman lied about being in dire straits in order to borrow $5,000 from her mothers neighbor, only to never pay that back. This is a woman who has repeatedly tried to scam the firefighter community by collecting donations for her husband/ex husband/ fiancé/ boyfriend, (depending on which story she’s telling) who needed an “immediate, life saving, amputation” several years ago… Yet John Brady is still limping around today without surgery, yet the donations were never returned. This is a woman who consistently lies and scams in...

This is a woman who claimed on this very page, to be several different lawyers, which was discovered by the site admin.

This is a woman who lives in such a fantasy land she still thinks she and her guy have done nothing wrong, and that there won’t be a judgement day.

I could continue, but I’ll wait until she digs herself an even deeper hole.

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These allegations of Kitt telling her stories and people saying she is lying is false.

I am a friend of the family and I borrowed their car back in August 2011 and damaged it. The company "Pep Boys" did what she is saying.

This Heywood person and other users are covering up what was done by these businessess and James Auto Body to make him look good. They are all friends of Mr. Heberts.

All users are deframing Kitt's reputation for the sole purpose to lie for Mr. Hebert. They are not aware of the truth and are being told lies by Mr. Hebert.


Hey Kitt a.k.a. Melanie Brady a.k.a. NH Paralegal:

Go take take your threats of restraining orders and other jibber jabber and stuff them up your disgusting, unwashed *ss!


Kitt is Melanie Brady who is a Manchester, Nh scam artist known to the Manchester Police Dept. and someone not to be given one inch of credibility. Do a search on and she makes a hobby out of posting ridiculous claims against various businesses, all no doubt who are in the right.


That`s funny.He has had that car since last week.

What does Melanie have to do with the car since she didn't purchase the car?

Besides, James cannot do anything with the car because John and his mother have the title (clear of all leins ).Also, they asked the court to have the right to repo the car back to them.


It's funny that Melanie Brady (kitt) would claim the car has been crushed at Murray's in her post on November 21.... Especially since the car has been parked inside James shop since October 20th.


Everyone who just adores James I have a question for you all.Do you spend an hour or more on your knees blowing him?

Tell James if he wants his car, it has been cubed at "Murry Auto Recyclers".

He put an inspection sticker on a car that would not pass state safety.So who is a *** (James "Deceptive" Hebert).



You can take James and stick him up your ***!!!James sold my mother-in-law and husband a piece a ***!!!

I have moved on and brought a better car than the death trap that James sold them. As for getting a need to get one.

My life is fulfilled with holding a degree in legal science, my 2 children, husband among other things.I have letters from the BBB and NH Attorney General stating that James and his business is under investigation.


all of the negative posts on this board are being made by the same person. "M" why don't you wake up and smell the coffee that you are a disgraceful, sad human being who needs professional help? Some free advice - Start doing something useful with your life instead of being a scamming drain on society.

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